Our Spanish Courses

Whether you are learning Spanish from zero or striving to be conversational, we have the perfect Spanish course to take you to the next level.

Spanish from Zero Course

The perfect entry level course for students who are just getting started or only know a few words. Build your Spanish foundation while first learning to handle some basic situations while progressing toward being functional in the Spanish speaking world. 

Expat Interactions Course

Handle your day-to-day interactions with confidence using the same Spanish you hear the locals using. This course is a great entry point for students who have learned ‘general Spanish’ with apps or textbooks and want to learn real-life Mexican Spanish.

Spanish Story Listening Course

This course is perfect for beginners who already have the basics but are really struggling to understand spoken Spanish.

Conversation Foundations Course

Take your Spanish beyond the daily interactions and break into conversational Spanish step-by-step. 

Course Placement Quiz

If you already have a base of Spanish and want to ensure you start in the right place, submit our placement quiz

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