Turn broken Spanish & charades into…

Spanish You Can Easily Speak 

& Immediately Use in Your Everyday Mexican Life

With these quick 10-minute lessons, you will learn how to:

Ask for items at shops      Meet & greet in Spanish

Order food & drinks like a local    Speak with a great accent

Turn your broken Spanish

and charades into 

Spanish You can easily speaK AND usE

in Your Everyday Life in Mexico

With these 5-minute lessons, you’ll be on your way to:

Asking for items at shops   

Meeting & greeting in Spanish

Ordering food & drinks like a local

Speaking with a great accent

Speak Spanish in Full Sentences from the First Lesson!  

Sounds too good to be true, right? Try this video lesson which uses our FRASE method to see how it works for yourself!

In this 8-minute lesson you will: 


Learn 11 New Words

Without needing to study them


Create a full 7-word sentence

Understand HOW to change or modify it!


Start speaking immediately!

Hear the words from a Mexican native speaker to start develop listening skills

You’ll be left wondering…

Why Spanish hasn’t been taught like this before??

What is ‘Expat Spanish’ anyway?

Hola. My name is Amy Whitney, and like you, I am an expat who has learned Spanish as an adult.

Trust me when I say that I completely understand how hard it can be!

For over 14 years, I tried Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, taking private lessons, and even travelling to Spanish speaking countries to ‘be immersed’… but nothing worked! 

It wasn’t until I started focusing on learning the Spanish that people speak in real-life that things started to make sense and finally stick.

The reason many expats struggle to learn Spanish is because the majority of courses teach ‘general’ Spanish with a heavy focus on extensive grammar and seemingly useless vocabulary rather than teaching essential, practical language skills. 

With our lessons, you will learn something new that you can immediately go out and use. This makes learning exciting while helping you to remember what you have learned so you can FINALLY start building on your Spanish foundation to reach new levels!

Curious to know what a live lesson is like? 

I had previously taken a beginner course with a strong grammar focus and was extremely frustrated.

I couldn’t be happier with the progress I have made! I am so much more confident to speak and understand basic phrases in stores, restaurants, taxis etc. I recommend this course 100%. 

Heather Fischer

I found that the course structure has helped me speak and understand more of the Spanish language.

This course was designed for a beginner student and gives a great base to continue learning. I have taken other courses and gave up part way through.

Claudette Guilbeault

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