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Our fun and intuitive lessons help you to quickly learn practical phrases that you can immediately start using in your day-to-day life in Mexico.

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See our phrase-building methodology (F.R.A.S.E) in action & learn how to say two full sentences by the end of this 10-minute lesson!

Learn more about the Spanish from Zero Course and watch a video of Amy explaining her story and also find out what makes this course so unique and tailored to the needs of expats living in Mexico.

The Spanish Lessons Expats Actually Need

Expats need to be able to quickly learn how to communicate in everyday situations. 

If you want to speak Spanish, your lessons need to be focused on getting you to speak immediately, learning the most useful vocabulary, and only learning essential structures. 

With our intuitive phrase building methodology, you will:

  • Understand how to put full sentences together and how to change them around
  • Learn and use key vocabulary first to express the most essential ideas
  • Automatically put sentences together in real-time communication
  • Learn grammar without even realizing you are learning it

If you’ve ever taken a ‘typical’ Spanish course, then you know those lessons are based on complicated and overwhelming grammar with lists of useless vocabulary that you need to memorize…

You come out of those courses feeling frustrated that you can’t even say a simple sentence despite all the time and effort you spent.

Learning Spanish doesn’t need to be so difficult!

Check out a sample lesson here to see how fun and rewarding learning Spanish can be when you take the right approach.

We are located in Puerto Vallarta, but our online Spanish lessons are available to students anywhere in Mexico, Canada, or the USA.


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