Spanish from Zero Course

Group Courses

Go from ZERO to FUNCTIONAL fast with lessons that teach practical, everyday Spanish that is immediately useful in day-to-day life in Mexico.

This Spanish from Zero Group Courses Includes: 


Learn Practical and Functional Spanish

Each lesson builds up to a situational role play where you will be speaking, understanding and USING your Spanish from the very first lesson!


Accelerate Your Learning with Live Classes

Learn, practice, and interact in Spanish during our fun and practical small group lessons.

  • 8 x 60-minute weekly lessons
  • Maximum of 6 students per class

Number Mastery Course (1-1000)

This course will help you to learn and easily understand the numbers up to 1000!


Spanish from Zero Online Course

Each level of the course includes 16 lesson with 50+ activities including:

  • Interactive speaking practice lessons
  • Easy to understand explanation videos
  • Listening comprehension activities
  • A pre-recorded version of the ‘live lessons’
  • Printable lesson notes
  • Audio downloads and Summary Notes

Mexican Spanish Pronunciation Course

Learn how to hear and say the sounds of Mexican Spanish to improve your pronunciation, be easily understood AND be able to accurately sound out Spanish words as well!


Group Courses Include the No-Fail Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be able to handle each of the situational role plays (speaking & understanding) and have a solid understanding of what has been taught the end of the course. Read more about our guarantee and the details here. 

Course Dates Start Dates:

Spanish from Zero Level 1

• Oct 12 at 1:00pm CST
Every Thursday for 8 weeks (5 spaces left

Spanish from Zero Level 2

• October 19 at 12:00pm CST 
Every Thursday for 8 weeks (3 spaces left


Level 1 Course Only

8-Week Program

(Level 1) 8 x 60-min Weekly Lessons (Max 5 students)

• Access to Online Course, Recordings, & Materials for  One Year

No-Fail Guarantee Included

    $299 USD  |  $399 CAD  |  $5000 MXN pesos

Payment Plans Available


Level 1 & 2 Courses

16-Week Program

(Level 1) 8 x 60-min Weekly Group Lessons

• Access to Online Courses & Materials  for one year

(Level 2) 8 x 60-min Weekly Group Lessons

Start Level 2 at anytime immediately or take a break!

No-Fail Guarantee Included

Save 20% with this Course Bundle! 

    $499 USD  |  $650 CAD  |  $8500 MXN pesos

Payment Plans Available