Jump Start Your Spanish

& Get speaking Right away

Be speaking in full sentences from the very first lesson while learning real world Spanish you will use constantly!


classes with lots of speaking practice


Listen & Understand in Basic interactions


Easily Handle Everyday situations

Spanish Course for Beginners Mexico

Jump Start Your Spanish & Get Speaking Fast

Be speaking in full sentences from the very first lesson while learning real world Spanish you be using constantly!


classes with lots of speaking practice


Listen & Understand in Basic interactions


Easily Handle Everyday situations

You’ve decided to move to a country that speaks another language…

And although you can get through most situations with pointing and gestures, you don’t like how it makes you feel. 

Simple situations become complicated. And connecting with the local people feels impossible.

… Unless they speak English.

Learning Spanish has always been in your plans but…

The locals speak so quickly that you only hear a wall of noise.

And it’s really hard to remember the things you have learned “in the moment”.

At this point, you’ve realized…

It’s not going to be as easy as you originally thought to pick up Spanish and after trying a few things, you have NO IDEA what’s really going to work.

I couldn’t be happier with the progress I have made. I am so much more confident to speak and understand basic phrases in stores, restaurants, taxis etc. I highly recommend this course 100% 

~Heather Fischer

It’s time to start experiencing the BEST version of your life in Mexico!

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Spanish from Zero: Communication Essentials

As someone living in the Spanish speaking world, you need to hit the ground running by speaking immediately and learning to understand what you hear in the common situations you face day-to-day.

This course was designed to give you the fastest path to go from ZERO to FUNCTIONAL with the necessary practice & support to make sure you can actually REMEMBER and USE the Spanish you are learning.

Every lesson is centered around helping you to quickly develop your listening & speaking skills while also teaching you the most essential words and phrases required to handle common situations such as:

  • Modifying your food or drink order
  • Asking & understanding prices 
  • Ordering from behind the counter
  • And much more!

Intuitive & Interactive Learning

Learn to speak and build full sentences while you play with words!

Get Faster Results with Logical Learning that is Fun & Effective

Our unique phrase-building methodology will have you speaking in full sentences from the very first lesson


A Spanish Course that Delivers Real Results 

From the very first lesson of this course, you will be speaking in FULL sentences using our F.R.A.S.E method.  Constantly recalling and using the words you have learned helps to lock in the Spanish language and help you build a foundation you can continue to expand on as your Spanish grows.

There will be no ‘sitting on the sidelines’ with this course! To become a confident speaker, you need to practice A LOT. We have created the practice exercises, live classes, and review materials you need to USE your Spanish with real people in the real world without freezing up!


Real-time Feedback, Practice, & Support

The only way to improve your speaking skills is with LOTS of practice! Our live lessons are focused on giving you the opportunity to USE your Spanish, practicing role plays, and getting the immediate feedback you need to learn quickly.

The Practice You Need Between Classes

Instead of wasting valuable class time teaching you new concepts, we’ve created an Online Course to help you learn and practice on your own time, when it fits YOUR schedule.

The online lessons include quick and easy to understand explanations, interactive speaking practice videos, listening comprehension practice, quizzes, and review cards. You will have everything you need to be ready to practice what you have learned in your next live class!



Learn to Confidently Handle Everyday Situations

  • Getting assistance to find specific items in a store
  • Inquiring about payment options (cash, card, & getting change)
  • Asking and understanding prices
  • Modifying food and drinks while ordering
  • And many other daily interactions

Make it Stick with our Review & Remember System

We’ve included a Review & Remember activity in every lesson that includes the key words and phrases from ALL of the previous lessons, including the live lessons.

  • No need to ‘review’ old lessons! Just keep moving forward.
  • Lock in key words to your memory to easily remember them in the moment you need them.

Train Your Ears to Hear & Understand REAL Spanish

All the video lessons and audio clips in this course are recorded by two native speakers from different regions in Mexico.

We’ve also included listening comprehension activities that help you to clearly hear the pronunciation so you can mimic what you hear and train your ears to recognize and understand the most common words in Spanish.

Learn to 8 Key Sentence Structures for Essential Communication

These 8 core structures will be your base to explain what you need by simply adding 1 or 2 words according to the unique situation. For example, this phrase which helps you to ask for anything behind a counter:

“Could I have ___ of ___, please?”

“Could I have 200g of smoked turkey?”

“Do you have cilantro? I’d like to have 2 pesos worth please.”

“I’d like a box of ibuprofen 400mg tablets please.”


Learn 400 Core Words Used in Real Communication

The right vocabulary is important because the top 300 words make up 65% of Spanish!

We’ve further refined the words used in this course based on:

  • Usefulness in beginner level communication
  • Higher-frequency words related to expat activities
  • Where possible, we’ve selected words that are similar to English so they are easier to remember (we still want to make sure that you sound natural!)

Quickly Gain Confidence to Speak in the Real World

Step 1: Learn new words and practice saying them for the first time with the Speaking Lesson Videos.

Step 2: Practice speaking with your teacher and get feedback in a safe learning environment.

Step 3: Go out into the real world and use what you have just learned to feel the thrill of communicating in Spanish with a local!

What Our Students Have to Say about the Course

Hear from real people just like you!

Previously I had started a couple of online beginner courses without much success as the grammar and verb tenses were so confusing which led to frustration and loss of interest. But the Spanish from Zero course is designed for everyday situations like shopping, getting a taxi, going to a restaurant and ordering food.

The course is set up for continual review, listening and speaking skills.  I have gained more confidence to speak Spanish by taking this course.

Jeanette McDonald

I found that the course structure has helped me speak and understand more of the Spanish language. This course was designed for a beginner student and gives a great base to continue learning. I have taken other courses and gave up part way through.


Claudette Guilbeault

Having lessons to study during the week then after having and in-person class (on Zoom) in small groups really helped with correcting pronunciation. Other programs that are solely online leave you thinking you are pronouncing words correctly with no feedback. I highly recommend Expat Spanish.

Molly Burgess

Amy’s course starts with the basic things you need to start actually speaking. I was able to speak my first real sentence in Spanish during the first class, something that Duolingo didn’t help me with after 1 year, even after paying the full course!  The one on one feel of her class has been particularly helpful.

Monica O'Neil

Course Options & Prices

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• Thurs Dec 1 at 2:15pm CST (full)

• Saturday Dec 3 at 10:15am CST (2 spaces)

• Wednesday January 4 at 10:15am CST (5 spaces)

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Amy’s classes and lessons feel easy and the pace and speed are perfect. That proud moment when you realize that you can string together a whole 9-word sentence after one lesson in Spanish is indescribable!  I wasn’t sure what to think going into this, but WOW, it is fun.

Learning a new language is scary and can be a daunting and difficult task if you don’t know where to begin but thanks to Amy, learning Spanish is fun and exciting.

~ Anel Cleghorn

“I recently completed Expat Spanish from Zero and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I have made. I had previously taken a beginner course with a strong grammar focus and was extremely frustrated that I didn’t have the confidence or ability to recall what I had learned.

Amy’s practical course design provides for ease of learning for everyday situations, builds a strong foundation with lots of opportunity for review to improve speaking and listening skills.

She is incredibly intuitive and adapts to her students individual learning styles and course progress making everyone feel comfortable.

I am so much more confident to speak and understand basic phrases in stores, restaurants, taxis etc. I highly recommend this course 100% and look forward to continued learning with my Maestra Amy! ¡Ella es la mejor!”

~Heather Fischer

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the lessons?

All students will have access to the online lesson materials (flashcards, lesson notes, audio and videos) plus the lesson recordings of their sessions with the teacher for an entire year.

Where are the Lessons Held?

All lessons are taught online via Zoom which is a free video calling software. We recommend joining the classes from a laptop or a tablet so that you can easily see the screen which the teacher will be sharing during the lesson.

Benefits Online Lessons are:

  • The teacher to share their screen
  • We can record the session (to be viewed in the future at any time)
  • Notes can be typed into the chat for students to copy and paste the text easily
  • Each student can adjust their audio to make sure they can clearly hear the teacher
What time zone are the lessons in?

All lessons are based on CST (Guadalajara time). Courses typically run during the daytime between 9am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturdays. 

What are the course prices?

We have different course options available. You can view the current prices here.

What if I cannot attend a group class? Is there a make-up class?

Each lesson will have a recorded session from the class that you are not able to attend. This means you can watch the video to catch up and make sure you are ready to continue with the next group.

If we have a group that is running a few weeks behind your cohort that has an empty space, it is possible that we can move you into another group. Failing that option, we can discuss private lessons to either catch you up or to finish the course. Additional (but reasonable) fees will apply for these options due to the admin work or extra classes required to shuffle things around. 


Which currency can I pay with?

The courses can be paid in Mexican Pesos, CAD or USD. If you prefer another currency, we can prepare an invoice for any currency upon request. 

As a beginner in Spanish, after a few lessons, I can safely say that I have a better understanding about the fundamentals of the Spanish language. Amy is professional but at the same time, she keeps it light and easy.  She knows how to convey the subject matter to the student and meets them on the level they are at. 

~ Corne Korsten

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