Spanish You Can Easily Speak 

& Immediately Start Using in Your Everyday Life


Be speaking in full sentences from the 1st lesson


Listen & Understand in Basic interactions


Easily Handle Everyday situations


Be highly functional in a Spanish Speaking World

Jump Start Your Spanish & Get Speaking Fast

Be speaking in full sentences from the very first lesson while learning real-life Spanish that you will use constantly!


classes with lots of speaking practice


Listen & Understand in Basic interactions


Easily Handle Everyday situations


Be highly functional in a Spanish Speaking World

You are living in Mexico

and life is So much better here

Even with the Spanish language barrier, you manage to get through most situations with lots of smiling, gesturing, and of course, your translator app. 

But you’ve realized, there’s more to these ‘interactions’ than just getting what you need.

You want to converse with the locals, to build connections, and truly be part of your new community.

And that’s why… 

Learning Spanish has ALWAYS been part of the plan


You knew it would take some time to learn Spanish, but you would eventually figure it out.

Your smart. You’ve learned lots of things in your life! 

After realizing Duolingo wasn’t cutting it, you decided to sign up for one of those online courses where you study by yourself, and you even tried classes with a local teacher.

No matter what you try, your progress is painfully slow.

Months later, you still stumble through the most basic situations. You struggle to recall the words you need.

When someone speaks to you, they speak so fast that it is impossible to understand. 

I have already learned more from one class than I did from 6 years of on-again off-again Duolingo. ¡Estoy muy feliz! Thank you so much!

~Charlene P. 

Our live instructor is wonderful, full of energy, advice, and bless her, endless patience. I have learned a tremendous amount and have been motivated to practice and learn daily. 

~Rob Young

Oops, Have you been studyinG the wrong Spanish?

If you feel like the Spanish you’ve been learning is NOT the Spanish you need in real life, you’re probably right!  

The Spanish you need FOR LIVING in the Spanish speaking world is totally different than textbook Spanish or something you will find in a free app.

You need to learn practical Spanish that you can immediately start using in the day-to-day conversations and interactions you are already facing. 

And most importantly, you need to learn this language quickly!

And learn Spanish like this:


Ask people to slow down & repeat

To understand more of what you hear!


Understand numbers when you HEAR them

From 0 to 1000 and beyond


Find items you are looking for

Where things are located, or if a store carries an item


Order items from behind the counter

At the deli, pharmacy, butcher, corner store


Handle restaurant interactions

Place your order, ask for missing items, get the bill, tip, etc. 


Ask for and understand prices

Taxi rides, shopping, bus fare, or anything else!


Specify payment methods, and leave a tip

Add a percentage to your bill or specify change back 


Understand common replies

Greetings, at the checkout, taxi rides, and more.

I couldn’t be happier with the progress I have made. I am so much more confident to speak and understand basic phrases in stores, restaurants, taxis etc. I highly recommend this course 100% 

~Heather Fischer

Try this Easy, Fun & Effective Lesson

See how you can start speaking in full sentences within minutes! 

It’s time to start speaking Spanish

and living life without language barriers

Melt away language barriers, gain confidence, and start looking forward to each interaction you have with the locals as you go about your day-to-day life

My name is Amy Whitney. I am a Canadian expat. I have been living in Puerto Vallarta full-time since in 2016. 

Learning Spanish was a MASSIVE struggle for me. For over 14 years I was stuck at a ‘useless’ beginner level despite trying Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, private lessons, immersion retreats, half a dozen online courses, and even 5-years of high school Spanish!

I knew a lot of grammar and vocabulary but when it came to real communication… it took me forever to come up with a simple sentence. And my listening ability was non existent. 

I finally had a huge break through when I started to focus on conversational Spanish I could actually use in the real world. 

Within less than a year, I reached an advanced level, and even more importantly, I gained extensive insights into the process of HOW to learn a language as an adult

Seeing so many expats struggling to learn the local language was hard for me to see, especially because I knew WHY they were struggling and HOW to help them. So I set out to create this course which is centered around OUR needs as expats and the situations we face daily. 

Each lesson has something that students can immediately go out and use, which will keep you motivated! The classes are fun, interactive and full of speaking practice to build your confidence quickly. 

Our course completion rate is over 80% which is unheard in the e-learning industry! 

If you are interested in what we do, but still not sure, you can book a trial lesson to experience one of our lessons before making a decision. 

Amy Whitney | Creator of Expat Spanish 

Here’s What Our Students

Have to Say About This Course

Previously I had started a couple of online beginner courses without much success as the grammar and verb tenses were so confusing which led to frustration and loss of interest. But the Spanish from Zero course is designed for everyday situations like shopping, getting a taxi, going to a restaurant and ordering food.

The course is set up for continual review, listening and speaking skills.  I have gained more confidence to speak Spanish by taking this course.

Jeanette McDonald

I found that the course structure has helped me speak and understand more of the Spanish language. This course was designed for a beginner student and gives a great base to continue learning. I have taken other courses and gave up part way through.


Claudette Guilbeault

Amy’s course starts with the basic things you need to start actually speaking. I was able to speak my first real sentence in Spanish during the first class, something that Duolingo didn’t help me with after 1 year, even after paying for the full course!  The one-on-one feel of her class has been particularly helpful.

Monica O'Neil

Having lessons to study during the week then after having and in-person class (on Zoom) in small groups really helped with correcting pronunciation. Other programs that are solely online leave you wondering if you are pronouncing words correctly with no feedback. I highly recommend Expat Spanish.

Molly Burgess

Spanish from Zero Course

Go from ZERO to FUNCTIONAL fast with lessons that teach practical, everyday Spanish that is immediately useful in your day-to-day life in Mexico

This Course Includes: 


Spanish from Zero Online Course

The Online Course is the backbone of this program and includes 32 lessons with 100+ activities to help you learn, review, reinforce and practice daily.  ($399 value)

  • Interactive speaking practice videos
  • Easy to understand explanation videos
  • Listening comprehension activities
  • A pre-recorded version of the ‘live lessons’
  • Printable lesson notes
  • Audio downloads and Summary Notes

Join Small Group Classes Weekly

Stay consistent with your studies with a weekly class that you look forward to each week to practice your Spanish. These interactive small group lessons are where you will connect with the same teacher and classmates each week. ($299 value)

  • Join a 55-minute lesson each week
  • Maximum of 5 students per class
  • Lots of role play, speaking, practice building sentences
  • Get insights about mexican cultural & communication

Role play everyday situations

  • Find specific items in a store
  • Make and modify food and drink orders
  • Ask for and understand prices
  • See the full list here

Number mastery course (1-1000)

This course will help you to learn and easily understand the numbers up to 1000! ($29 value)


Mexican Spanish pronunciation course

Learn how to hear and say the sounds of Mexican Spanish to improve your pronunciation, be easily understood AND be able to accurately sound out Spanish words as well! ($29 value)


Flashcard review system

Easily review words and phrases you learned in the course with flashcards that include audio recorded by native Mexican speakers. ($49 value)


Vocabulary Booster Course

Learn 100+ everyday words to help you express your ideas better in conversations. Learn the days of the week, colors, basic foods, words for transportation and more. ($49 value)


Access the course for an entire year

You will have plenty of time to learn and review your lessons, then come back and review again. 


Group courses include our No-Fail Guarantee

By the end of the course, we guarantee that you will be able to handle each of the situational role plays (speaking & understanding) and have a solid understanding of what has been taught.
Read more about our guarantee here. 

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Go from Zero To Functional Fast with the

Spanish from Zero Course

Start for  $99 / month

Live classes each week to keep you motivated, supported, and always moving forward 

Small class sizes (5 people max)

Online lessons to review, reinforce, and practice what you’ve learned between your classes

Includes our No-fail guarantee

Get Started with a

25-min Trial Lesson

Still not sure if this is the right course for you?

Try a lesson before signing up!

Meet the teacher

Experience a quick lesson

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the lessons?

All students will have access to the online lesson materials (flashcards, lesson notes, audio and videos) plus the lesson recordings of their sessions with the teacher for an entire year.

How many people are in each class?

A maximum of 5 people are in each group. The same group of people take the course for the entire 8-week duration of each course and your teacher will be the same throughout the course level to ensure everyone is on the same page.

How do I join the lessons?

All lessons are taught online via Zoom which is a free video calling software. We recommend joining the classes from a laptop or a tablet so that you can easily see the screen which the teacher will be sharing during the lesson.

Benefits Online Lessons are:

  • The teacher to share their screen
  • Notes can be typed into the chat for students to copy and paste the text easily
  • Each student can adjust their audio to make sure they can clearly hear the teacher
What level of computer skills do I need?

If you have studied with an online course previously, the skill you will need are very similar. Our platform is easy to navigate if you have these VERY BASIC computer skills: 

  1. You know how to login and reset a password if needed.
  2. You can download and install an app or software program if needed.
  3. You can join a video call. We use Zoom for our classes. 
  4. You can navigate webpages easily (finding the menu, following links, going back to the previous page)
  5. You can download a document (for example, the lesson notes), save it to your device locate the document later.
  6. You can print off a document if needed (ie. lesson notes if you prefer a printable version)
What time zone are the lessons in?

All lessons are based on CST (Guadalajara time). Courses typically run during the daytime between 9am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturdays. 

What are the course prices?
Is there a make-up class if I can't attend?

The online course includes a pre-recorded version of the lesson that will work perfectly as a make up class if you are sick, travelling, or an emergency comes up. 

These pre-recorded lessons also are helpful for review after the live class completes, and also, for people who have a hard time remembering things or tend to get nervous in the class and want to ‘pre-watch’ the class before attending. 

How do I pay for the course?

You can pay by credit card at the checkout just like any other online purchase. After you sign up, you will be able to choose your group class date/time and have immediate access to the online lessons. 

Amy’s classes and lessons feel easy and the pace and speed are perfect. That proud moment when you realize that you can string together a whole 9-word sentence after one lesson in Spanish is indescribable!  I wasn’t sure what to think going into this, but WOW, it is fun.

Learning a new language is scary and can be a daunting and difficult task if you don’t know where to begin but thanks to Amy, learning Spanish is fun and exciting.

~ Anel Cleghorn

“I recently completed Expat Spanish from Zero and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I have made. I had previously taken a beginner course with a strong grammar focus and was extremely frustrated that I didn’t have the confidence or ability to recall what I had learned.

Amy’s practical course design provides for ease of learning for everyday situations, builds a strong foundation with lots of opportunity for review to improve speaking and listening skills.

She is incredibly intuitive and adapts to her students individual learning styles and course progress making everyone feel comfortable.

I am so much more confident to speak and understand basic phrases in stores, restaurants, taxis etc. I highly recommend this course 100% and look forward to continued learning with my Maestra Amy! ¡Ella es la mejor!”

~Heather Fischer